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Autumn in the Nest 2018

We have enjoyed a fabulous first term in the School House Nest, welcoming lots of new children and their families. Existing friendships have been strengthened, new friendships have been blossoming and strong bonds are forming between the children and their key workers.






We have been observing lots of lovely collaborative working and heart-warming co-operative play recently. Here are a few examples….

  • While walking towards the physical space for snack, Elliott took hold of Arlo’s hand and they walked across the landing together.
  • Arlo was trying to move the large wooden mirror but was struggling. Lucas took hold of the other end of the mirror, Lucas pulled and Arlo pushed the mirror.
  • Louie stood between two cots and said “stuck”. Hugo went to him and pushed the cots apart so that he could get out.
  • Hugo was holding the stand from the stacking toy. Louie, Ezra and Lucas were passing him pieces one at a time and Hugo said “ta” as he took each piece and placed them on the stand. The boys all clapped when it was completed.
  • Scarlett approached Lucas, Louie, Elliott and Hugo, tapped them on the shoulder and said “Can’t catch me!”. The boys began to chase after her laughing as they did so.(personal, social & emotional development)


 Autumn has brought lots of wonderful learning opportunities for our little ones including looking at the changes in the weather, learning new songs and rhymes and meeting Hetty the hedgehog.






The leaves are falling down                                                                         The Hedgehog song

The leaves are falling down                                                                         I’m a little hedgehog, spikey & small

The leaves are falling down                                                                         watch me curl into a ball

Red, yellow, green & brown                                                                         Rustling in the leaves when it’s dark

The leaves are falling down                                                                         In the garden or at the park

(Understanding the world)


We have experienced lots of sensory play including exploring sand, water, gloop and jelly and had lots of opportunities to experiment with paint. The children have been painting with their hands and feet as well as using a range of tools for mark-making, digging, pouring and filling/emptying containers. International Muddy Puddle Day allowed us to play and explore with wet and dry mud.

(Expressive Art & Design)


In the Nest we believe it is important to encourage independence and there is no better time to do this than at meal times. Our babies are all becoming confident at feeding themselves (even if it can be very messy at times) and we also use mealtimes to promote social interaction, manners and self-help skills such as handwashing.

We love exploring our physical space and have practiced lots of new skills including climbing, riding, kicking, rolling and throwing balls.

(Physical Development)


We are now very excited to be getting ready for some Christmas fun !!!!



Our Values

Here at School House we want to change the perception of what “daycare” should be and to far exceed the expectations of parents.

  • Play based programme
  • Family involvement
  • Commited to providing quality daycare

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