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Extra Learning

Extra Programmes

Art Experiences

We love art and so do children! That is why we make sure to do art projects as often as we can. Our art studio enables children to explore materials and create, we focus on the process involved over the final product . Art activities are not only fun but also help with concentration, sensory awareness, self-esteem, and of course creativity. We also see how this can relieve a lot of anxiety in children and help them get over shyness or anger. It’s amazing how many skills are developed and how great their art really is!

Music and Movement

Our resident musician Jodie delivers our music programme. Music is a natural part of life and we believe that exposing children to instruments and different styles of music creates an environment that is not only fun but educational. Music experts say that these experiences forge more pathways between the cells in a child’s brain and can have a big impact on their development. The biggest impact is when kids actively participate and that’s our favorite part.

Cooking class

Everyone loves food, and teaching kids how to make it is even better! We believe quality and healthy food should be a big part of all our lives and children are no exception. Involving children in the preparation process and encouraging them to make healthy choices such as which fruits to add to our crumble or what fillings to add to their ‘Build your own wrap’ makes the experience more relevant. Even the picky eaters have fun trying new things! Tasting different styles of food from different countries gives your child a broader look at the world from the perspective of their little taste buds.

Speech Therapy

Every child that attends School House is provided the opportunity to undergo a screening with our Experienced Speech and language therapy assistant Vicky. Children will be screened free of charge on request from families or as recommended by School House Educators. In these sessions, Vicky will not only concentrate on pronunciation, but on a broad range of communication.

Ballet Lessons

School House children partake in weekly Ballet class. The class is a blend of ballet technique exercises and creative exploration of choreography through teacher and self-explored movement. In a safe environment, where each child can build their confidence, their basic ballet technique is nurtured and musicality is developed. Cognitive learning is stimulated by classical movement and children are involved in exercises that increase memory and the ability to communicate through movement.

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