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Welcome to the Nest – A poem by Vicky Kay (Nest room lead)

Welcome to the School House Nest
Play & discovery is what we do best









We always like to start our day
With the Welcome song before we play
Posting and stacking is fun to do
We love a game of peek-a-boo











At nappy time we are always happy

when someone comes to change our nappy

At breakfast, lunch, snack and tea
We practice skills independently

We may feel sleepy and need to rest
In a cot, or maybe a cuddle is best

We learn to jump and climb and run
But we pick up our toys when we are done



Listen baby, story time

Hear your favourite nursery rhyme







And when our day comes to an end

we say goodbye to all our friends

Mummies & Daddies collect us and then
We cannot wait to come back again.

Author – Vicky Kay (Nest room lead)


Our Values

Here at School House we want to change the perception of what “daycare” should be and to far exceed the expectations of parents.

  • Play based programme
  • Family involvement
  • Commited to providing quality daycare

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