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Welcome to the nest.

In our nest we offer a safe, nurturing, homely environment for babies from 3 months to 2 years.

We strongly believe in an attachment-led approach to caring for our younger children. Staff enjoy building strong bonds and relationships with the babies and their families. Firm positive attachment at a young age helps to promote brain development in babies and allows them to feel safe, happy and able to explore their environment. We are able to ensure the best possible care and attention is offered to each and every child by limiting spaces in our nest to a maximum of 9 babies and by maintaining a ration of 1:3.

Our Quiet space is designed to encourage curiosity and exploration whilst our physical space is a multi purpose room that can be used for sensory play as well as doubling up as a more physically challenging environment to encourage the development of gross motor skills.


















Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to developing new skills within the nest and our daily routines are established and reinforced by the use of songs and signs.










Our babies love to explore the world around them, whether this be by watching passing traffic, visiting local parks or just exploring our outdoor place space.

We understand the importance of home-school relationships and aim to follow your home routine as much as possible. We promote strong family links and encourage information sharing about all aspects of the babies care and development.

As our babies become toddlers and get ready to leave the nest we support this transition and help them to build new relationships with their future keyworker and peer group.



Our Values

Here at School House we want to change the perception of what “daycare” should be and to far exceed the expectations of parents.

  • Play based programme
  • Family involvement
  • Commited to providing quality daycare

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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, personalised childcare and education.